Susanne E. Ashland, LMT / CCST
Fabulous Massage Seattle


After my first appointment my jaw loosened up and the pain subsided. I continued Intraoral treatments for the next several months and now my jaw is back to normal movement and the pain is gone. I recommend Susanne Ashland, LMT and the Intraoral work to anyone who needs some TMJ relief.

–J. H.

I had severe scoliosis as a teenager and had to have my entire spine fused. Susanne knows how to target the source of my muscle aches and relieve the pain. I recommend her highly.

–S. L.

" I have been seeing Susanne for more than two years. I am a pianist and was having neck and back pain that nearly prevented me from playing. After sessions with Susanne and her healing touch, I have been able to come through intense periods at the keyboard for hours each day without any problem whatsoever. I have had other assorted problems (from falls, minor injuries, and radiation therapy) which she has helped relieve as well. She has been an invaluable help to me and I would recommend her without reservation."

– L.R.

Earlier this year, I had experienced severe back pain, to the extent that I had trouble sleeping and could not sit or stand for any reasonable period of time. Medication was not reducing any pain, and my doctor recommended physical therapy.

While waiting in pain for the date of my PT appointment, someone suggested massage therapy. I had always considered massage as one of those frivolous luxuries that people over-indulge in, but was becoming desperate and was willing to give just about anything a try to stop the pain. What I found was that it ended up being an amazing compliment to the physical therapy I was receiving. Even after my first session, my back pain significantly decreased. After just over a dozen sessions — in conjunction with physical therapy — I am now able to sit and stand for long periods of time.

After this experience, I strongly believe that massage therapy is an outstanding pain management tool. With Susanne's treatment, I feel significantly better and am able to resume my work schedule. If you are on the fence about massage therapy for pain management, I would highly recommend you try at least one session. The result might pleasantly surprise you as it did me."

–H. S. P.


Thanks so much for taking such good care of me in the last few months of my pregnancy. Your massages really helped me.

–N. M.

If you have suffered from TMJ, you know how painful it can be. When I heard about intraoral massage, I was apprehensive about the idea of someone massaging the inside of my mouth. I talked it over with Susanne and she helped me feel incredibly comfortable about the idea. After my first massage, my jaw relaxed and my headaches became less frequent. This technique worked so well for me! I recommend Susanne and the intraoral technique unequivocally!

–A. C.

As a massage therapist myself, I am always searching for the best hands around. I have found them in Susanne. Her presence is calming and nurturing and her integrative technique is just what I need. Not only does she find 'the spots' each time, she has helped me heal from chronic neck pain. After I started coming to Susanne ( 3 years after the injury occured ) I knew I was in the right hands. I now have more pain-free days than ever and am so deeply grateful.


I have been receiving massages from Susanne for over a year. She does an excellent job of releasing the tension I get from working at a computer and grading papers as well as loosening tender, tired muscles I often have from tennis and jogging. Susanne has the perfect touch.

–A. W.

I had the good fortune to receive massages throughout my pregnancy, and was surprised (and delighted) to learn that the cushion Susanne uses for pregnancy massage was comfortable from bump to blimp. Regular massages helped me stay comfortable, active and healthy as my body changed.

–B. D.

Massages have been part of my life for over 40 years. The work Susanne does lasts longer than anyone else's ever has.

–P. F.

Susanne's massage was amazing. I couldn't believe how much let go after only one session.

–D. W.